A downloadable game for Windows

Note:  2-4 Xbox 360 plugin controllers are required to play the game, this game does not use mouse and keyboard.

Controls are instructed in the game.

Wave RiderZ is a 2-4 player round-based party game that sees one player take control of a plane that pulls the other players along the river. Everybody is competing to have the most points at the end of a series of rounds. Players on the river gain points over time, while trying to avoid obstacles and collect coins.

They gain more points the longer they go without hitting an obstacle, and coins give them bonus points. They can bump into each other to forcefully move other players, potentially causing them to run into an obstacle and lose a life. If a player runs into an obstacle enough times, they are out of the round.

The player in the plane can throw down  a tethered mine and beach bomb  to disrupt the players in the river. They get points any time a player is damaged by an obstacle, and earns bonus points if none are left before the round ends.

At the end of each round, the player in the plane swaps with another player, and cannot be in the plane again.  This repeats until every player has had one turn in the plane.

Whoever has the most points at the end of the game is declared the winner.


WaveRiderZ.zip 106 MB


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looks really cool, i'm definitely going to try this once i can have friends at home again :)


Defiantly!! Once you and your friends play this game be sure leave me feedback, your feedback helps us make better and enjoyable games.

Don't forget your Xbox plug in controllers!! 

They're ready! ... and dusty, quarantine hasn't been kind to local multiplayer lately