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Umbra is a side scroller platformer inspired with some metroidvania, survival, and roguelike mechanics. The object of the game is to go down an undiscovered cave as far as you can to reach the bottom while killing enemies such as skeletons and giant spiders. If you reach the bottom of the cave, you win the game. 

There are no health pickups in the cave, so you need to plan your attacks carefully and strategically in order to stay alive.

A lone Mercenary is tasked of killing all monsters at a nearby village. He finds out the village has already been destroyed, however he finds out monsters are coming out of a cave nearby, he plans to make his way into the cave and wipe them out, praying to return alive.


  • 2 unique monsters to kill.
  • 4 unique eerie levels to explore.
  • Your trust worthy grapple hook to swing around or stun enemies.
  • No healing is aloud, plan your attacks carefully in order to survive and live to tell the tale.



UmbraV20.7.rar 126 MB


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swinging around is really fun. The spiders are nicely done, although i found out that you can easily beat any enemy by spamming left and right click quickly. Maybe you can implement some stun resistant enemies, or put more than one in one spot to avoid this. The animations on the character and the skeletons are still a bit stiff, it's not easy to tell when the skeletons are stunned, and when you do stun an enemy, the white effect over their head lasts waaay too long, it stays there long after the enemy dies. The level design is really well made, the ambients aren't linear but you don't get lost, and you don't have to look for enemies for ages. Overall really cool, just needs polish :)

Thank you for your feedback :)

Our programmers didn't have enough time to fix the "white effect", so we apologise for that.