A downloadable game for Windows and Android

OMA is a simple cardboard VR FPS Arcade shooter where you kill waves of enemies with unique firearms. You can gain new guns temporarily by shooting them while on the ground. You can score points by killing each zombie.

If you die, you can try again  to beat your previous score. You can play this game on your android or PC, however it is recommended play it by android for a unique VR experience.


  • 5 Badass and unique guns to mow down zombies, speaking off which...
  •  Mow down an entire army of zombies without breaking a sweat. 1 type of Zombie is a hidden Easter egg with a special reward, so good hunting!
  • Relive the 90s Nostalgia! Inspired by the legendary 90s shooters from arcades to home console's straight from our childhood!   

PC controls
Mouse: Aim
LMB: Shoot

Android Controls
Move Phone: Aim
tap screen or button on google Cardboard: Shoot


OneManArmy.apk 48 MB
OMA Computer Build.rar 40 MB

Development log


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surprisingly fun. those sonic guys scare the shit out of me though

thanks haha. We actually call them Zanics, but glad you had fun.