A downloadable game for Windows

In the land of Ausirica (hybrid country of Australia and America), your friend Samantha was just about to appear on a gameshow at the local TV station.  But she has gone missing, last seen near Bog Lane!

As Jeremy, you take your friend Matilda, and go in search of Samantha, and look out for that hillbilly Butch, he might want you and your friends to keep him company forever!

WASD: Move.
E: Interact.
Shift: Sprint.
Mouse movement: Move Camera.
LMB: turn torch on (and turn of to recharge)

Some assets such as the characters I made myself by Maya and 3D coat. The rest of the assets are royalty free from unity store and etc.

Feedback is Welcome!


Bog Lane Gold V.3 .zip 125 MB
Bog Lane V.4(Lightmare version).rar 115 MB

Development log


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Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thanks for trying the game!! yeah, the cut scenes were a bit long, I should have added a skip button next time or tone down the amount of text. I did forget to mention you can also run by holding shift, but its not very logical for this game. If more people cant get past Butch, I will tone down his looking speed. Anyway, thanks for your comments and playthrough, I found them amusing!

Thank you so much :)